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Jon Matonis, Forbes
Economic Update
The very first —
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Luck with free spins can all your dreams come true in a short time and couple of clicks! Created in 2015, the Bitcoin Fund gained recognition as the most profitable hedge fund in history according to Bloomberg. Since its inception, the fund has revealed consistent growth, posting a record overall profit of 70,000%. The Bitcoin Fund is included in the Bloomberg listing under the ticker BBG00GM9YTS9 / PLBITSH KY Equity.
Bitcoin Fund is the first cryptocurrency hedge fund in the world.
The fund has a 100% exposure to Bitcoin, the cost of one fund unit equals the cost of one Bitcoin and varies synchronously with the value of the crypto currency. Thus, Bitcoin Fund is a legal and safe way of investing in Bitcoin. Since its inception, the fund has processed orders for more than $800 million. Trade in fund units from the terminal COMINOwithout restrictions, in one click — the same as with ordinary shares!
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COMINO has the most favorable
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We must be on the frontline
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– Joseph Muscat
Malta’s prime minister
of operations
    – Bitcoin Fund shares can be listed on your company’s balance sheet. You increase your assets by acquiring Bitcoin Fund shares.

    – The fund shares can be traded on the COMINO trading platform everyday without any restrictions, as ordinary stock shares, ETFs and other financial instruments. This is where you will find norsk casino.

    – Legally compliant and with the security of assets guaranteed.

    – Tailored trading and reporting tools
    Invest safely
    Trade stocks, bonds and other assets
    from the same trading account as Bitcoin!
      – Access 50,000 financial instruments on 50+ markets from a single account: stocks, bonds, funds shares, derivatives, and commodities.

      – Bitcoin trades on margin, long and short.

      Risk monitoring and order execution via web, desktop and mobile applications.

      – FIX Trading API, a real-time market data feed provided via API
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        Select Bitcoin Fund among the trading instruments

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        Initial Subscription

        You can buy cryptocurrency funds shares starting from 1 cryptocoin. Minimum account with COMINOstarts from €10,000 for individuals and €50,000 for institutional clients. An up-front subscription fee of 0.5% of the subscription amount is charged.

        The safekeeping and administration Fee

        The safekeeping and administration fee are payable daily at a rate of 0.009722% of the chosen cryptocurrency current which is equal to 1/360 of APR 3.5% of the net share value.


        Security is always key at COMINO, and time-proven cryptographic algorithms are used that allow COMINOto secure all stored funds against unauthorized access. Bitcoin wallet management requires private key access. This private key is itself AES256-encrypted. AES256 is recognized by the U.S. National Security Agency as reliable enough to protect TOP SECRET state data. Access keys are loss-safe due to multiple replications and geographic distribution of deposit boxes in several cities. Each bank stores only part of a key; therefore, if a deposit box is compromised, no funds are lost.


        An investment in funds shares involves a high degree of risk and may not be suitable for all investors. There is no guarantee that the Fund will achieve its investment objective and investors should recognize that investing in funds shares involves special considerations not typically associated with investing in other securities. Investing in funds shares should not be considered a complete investment program by any investor. Before subscribing for Investment Shares, prospective investors should consult independent professional sources for investment, legal and tax advice before making any investment and note that they may not recover their total investment amount.